BAPI 10K-2 Strap Temperature Sensor to Fit 50 to 115mm


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Temperature Sensor

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Clamp-On Strap and Spring-Loaded Strap sensors are designed to monitor water temperature in retrofit or filled pipe applications. Both units measure the water temperature by sensing the surface temperature of the pipe.

Clamp-On Strap — This unit has a bendable copper sensing plate and an adjustable hose clamp to fit pipes up to 4.5” . It is available with a available with a J-Box, BAPI-Box, BAPI-Box 2 or BAPI-Box 4 enclosure

Spring-Loaded Strap — The spring loaded sensing pad is held against the pipe through a hole cut in the insulation. It can be used with pipes up to 14.5” with up to 2” of insulation. It is available with a J-Box, BAPI-Box 2 or BAPI-Box 4 enclosure.


Brand BAPI

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