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5E650IUSB-AU Eaton 5E UPS 650VA/360W

$130.00 $150.00 ex GST

13% OFF RRP $150.00
5E1100IUSB-AU Eaton 5E UPS 1100VA/660W

$365.00 ex GST

5E850IUSB-AU Eaton 5E UPS 850VA/480W

$200.00 ex GST

5E1500IUSB-AU Eaton 5E UPS 1500VA/900W

$365.00 ex GST

5E2000IUSB-AU Eaton 5E UPS 2000VA/1200W

$475.00 ex GST

5S700AU Eaton 5S UPS, 700 VA, 420 W

$370.00 ex GST

CJ12-7 AUS Cell 12V Battery 7Ah

$40.00 ex GST

CJ12-9 AUS Cell 12V Battery 9Ah

$50.00 ex GST

CJ6-15 AUS Cell 6V Battery 15Ah

$50.00 ex GST

Eaton's series 5 UPS are most effective against five power problems (power failures, power sags, power surges, under-voltage and over-voltage) and offer a degree of protection against other power problems. Some of the damages you risk by not using a Series 5 UPS include premature hardware failure, data loss and corruption, data error, keyboard lockup, storage loss and system lockup. Series 5 UPSs are recommended for small network systems - all the way up to enterprise networking environments.

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